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Who We are
Bete-Semay is a media agency in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Empowering local and international NGOs in Ethiopia with tools to generate funding and grow their impact.
Our clients benefit from carefully produced video documentaries and a proactive team dedicated to their success. We combine top-level strategy with the personalized care and professional talent.
What Sets Us Apart
Our clients love our attention to detail and communication.
We focus on making sure that the content of videos produced is high quality whether in English or Amharic. And we also focus on keeping our clients updated and always being available by phone and email.
Tell your story in engaging videos on TV and social media. Video is a fantastic way of engaging and informing audiences about issues. It is also a great way to encourage audience to get off the couch and do something about it!
Documentary Video
1. “Who We Are” - A 3-5 minute video showcasing who you are and what you are doing. This can help partners and potential donors connect with you faster. In addition, long-form documentaries can help go in-depth to show your impact.
2. Project Coverage and Report - Medium to long form documentaries can showcase implementation and impact of a specific project. 
Event or Conference Coverage
A short to medium length video summarizing the content of your event is a great way to remember and share your event. A great event video will drive attendees for your following events.
Case Study 1: Documentary for WISE (ራሴድ)

Case Study 2: Long-form documentary for JICA's work in Ethiopia

Case Study 3: Event recap video for iDove conference at the African Union

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Our Clients
"This is our first documentary and we are absolutely happy with the video BETE-SEMAY produced for us. We are calling this 'an excellent masterpiece.'
Their development process was effective and efficient with continuous communication. We saw that they were giving their best effort. They took ownership of the work making sure it is completed even when we were getting busy with other tasks - consistently reaching out through email, text and phone calls.
We are now confidently recommending their service to all our partners and look forward to continue working with them in the future." 
- Alem Shumiye, Deputy Director at WISE (Organization for Women in Self-Employment)
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