Africa Arise 2020
Conference Brand Identity
Africa Arise is an annual conference by Beza International that brings together the continent for five days of leadership seminars in the mornings and worship rallies in the evenings.
The base for the identity is the colorful African pattern used for the background. The patterns were hand drawn by Diana Tekleab! We scanned it and retouched a bit. Then started to apply across the board. Almost every material produced has a unique background - posters, tags, social media posts...
One presentation, zero revisions
For the past four year Africa Arise has had a consistent theme color of dark green and orange. The leadership team had always asked for a little more color every year. A frequent comment I would hear is “ትንሽ ጨለመ... ምነው በራ ቢል?”
And for the last few years, we just did not get it. This year, we did.
Booklets for the conference

Identity applied to the event house design
Experiment with video
What if we animated the hand drawn pattern?
Thank you!

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