Zetseat Rebrand
Brand Identity Design - 2020
Zetseat Apostolic Reformation Church has been actively working for more thanĀ 14 years with the vision "to see a generation suitable to God risen in the whole world."
In January 2019, the leadership team of Zetseat church approached to create a new logo for their rebrand. They wanted a logo system that can keep their communications consistent across branches and departments.
The Challenge
Their previous logo was not working for the digital realm due to its complexity. So they were looking for a modern logo that could represent the church and what they stood for. We then joined the internal design team of Zetseat with great enthusiasm for the rebrand.
The Result
The idea came from looking at the first ever logo of the church which has a picture of 5 men blowing Shofars. A Shofar is a worship instrument and is used to call people together for a mission among other uses
We worked with the internal design team to craft an abstract shofar for the logo. Working with different sketches, cutouts of paper, and regular brainstorming sessions, we reached to the conclusion of this simple, recognizable and meaningful mark.
Product of Collaboration
The rebrand process took us on an amazing journey of imagination with a team of creative individuals. Getting to work and collaborate with the excellent internal team has been fulfilling for us and made the result successful. The leadership team loved the concept and the design team loved the execution.

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