Disco’s Journey 
Graphic Design, Information Architecture - July 2017
This is Disco, the Panda stuffed animal. Disco is the mascot for Discovery Education’s (DE) international team. He travels with the them all around the world attending meetings, making agreements and closing deals.
The Challenge​​​​​​​
It was time for DE to submit their 6-month report, but the team did not want to do the traditional boring 10 page text PDF. They wanted a fun, out-of-the-box report using Disco as the subject.
After exploring some ideas together, we settled on making an A1 full-blown atlas map showing Disco’s journey around the world and what happened there. This would be submitted printed and rolled into a tube. We were excited - such a fun project!

We started analyzing a comprehensive document of all events Disco attended and trips made in chronological order throughout the 6-months.
Color Scheme​​​​​​​
DE's brand colors
The Map
We wanted the map to look like a real world atlas map. But at the same time it had to be simple enough to make our content readable.

Disco himself. Country and waterbody names were not included to keep it simple.

Destination countries highlighted with markers

Order of flights and events seen with annotated planes

Image and brief text content was included

Disco's Journey Map
The full map printed on A1 landscape paper.

Construction of the Map

Digital Version
Once the map was completed, we made a PDF fitted for screens. Below are a sample from the 17 slide presentation.

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