Reflective Metal Product
Photography, Retouching
This is a creative product shot showcasing the process that goes into creating a reflective metal photograph.
This could be used for a brand selling kitchen utensils. Also for a spice label showing the different ranges of spices available.

From setup to lighting to creating the final image, it is a meticulous process. It requires a keen set of skills to execute a seemingly simple but brilliant image.
Before and After shots
Left image was shot with a raw light and no scrim. The metal goes black due to reflections of the environment, while the right Image was shot with scrim over head. This creates smooth white reflection on the metal for a better image.
After a series of shots taken - with each shot changing the position of the scrim to ensure the entire metal is lit consistently with a gradient of highlight and shadow. 
I then proceed to add the spices and take a few more shots. This time with a raw light without the scrim to allow for detail in the spices.
The images are then put together in post and cleaned to make sure there are no spots or blemishes on the metal while maintaining the highest level of detail possible.

Final image

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